Achilles Tendon Pain – Achilles tendinopathy

Do you suffer from pain in the back of your heel or Achilles tendon? You may have Achilles tendinitis / tendinopathy.

What is Achilles tendinitis / tendinopathy?

It is an injury that occurs when there is too much work required of the tendon. This can be caused by an increase in activity, playing a new sport, such as running, or even changing shoes. Other factors can favor the appearance of Achilles tendinitis like a lack of flexibility and a direct blow on the tendon. The overload causes inflammation in the tendon which can cause severe pain and limit walking, this is known as the tendinitis phase. When the initial inflammation subsides, but pain persists, you then enter the tendinopathy phase. Your pain will be less severe, but it can be easily increased if your activities are resumed too quickly.

What to do as treatment?

The first step to decrease your pain is by reducing your activities to let your tendon rest. Using ice (not heat) is a simple and effective way to reduce the intensity of your pain. On the other hand, rest and ice will not be sufficient in many cases. You will need to do exercises suitable to your condition. By consulting, your physiotherapist can help you determine the right exercises to do, depending on whether you have tendonitis or tendinopathy. He/she can also help you return to the activities you want.

The Boisbriand Physiotherapy team