Ankle Sprains

Did you ever stumble or walk on an object and your ankle twisted sideways?

You then feel pain on the inside or outside of your ankle and it swells and becomes blue. There is a good chance that you have a sprained ankle.


The most common sprain is that of the lateral side of the ankle where three main ligaments can be affected. This happens when your foot pivots inward. If not, if your ankle has rotated outward, you will have a medial sprain where another ligament complex will be partially or completely affected. There is a third possible sprain in the ankle, the lower tibio-fibular sprain, when the ligament between your tibia and fibula is stretched or torn.

What to do if you have a sprain?

The first step would be to limit the weight you put on your leg either by using crutches or a cane depending on your walking pain. Use ice to reduce your pain and try to restrict swelling; it is more effective to keep your leg elevated while applying ice. Feel free to gently move your foot in all directions without increasing your pain.

If you have severe pain at rest and you can not tolerate any weight on your leg, it would be safer to see a doctor to eliminate the possibility of a fracture. Otherwise, in consultation with your physiotherapist, he / she will be able to educate you on the need to consult a doctor or not.

In the case of a sprain, the physiotherapy treatments will aim to relieve your pain, decrease your swelling, increase your mobility and your strength. Your physiotherapist will give you an exercise program specific to your condition and modify it according to your improvement. He/she can also guide you back to your activities and sports.

If you have any questions about ankle sprains, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Boisbriand Physiotherapy team