Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation

At the Boisbriand Physiotherapy Clinic, an occupational therapist specialized in workplace evaluation is available to evaluate:

Physical demands for a worker’s alternative job or a worker’s pre-injury employment

The report will then address the compatibility between the physical demands of a job and the abilities of a worker, considering the possible functional limitations.

Risk factors in the job that may be associated with higher injury rates

The report will describe the more problematic/demanding tasks and document associated risk factors using standardized tools.

Recommendations can then be made to reduce risk factors in those tasks

A safer work environment may decrease:
⦁ CNESST incident rate and the associated penalties
⦁ Time waste
⦁ Absenteeism

The ergonomics of the layout of an office workstation to reduce the painful symptoms associated with the workstation.

During the visit, an immediate assessment and adjustment of the workstation is carried out where possible.

The on-demand report will be able to document the issues raised, the adjustments made and the equipment required to optimize the ergonomics of the position.

Our specialized occupational therapist participated in a continuing education course in the United States: The Matheson Ergonomic Evaluation Certification Program