Knee pain: Patello-Femoral Syndrome

Do you have knee pain that annoys you when you sit for a long time? It could be femoro-patellar syndrome. This syndrome causes pain that is insidious and progressive, which may be due to overuse of the knee or direct trauma (i.e. falling).

But what’s going on in your knee? In fact, everything is at the level of the sliding / alignment of the patella. When the knee is bent or extended, the kneecap moves. If it slides out of its optimal alignment, it causes pain and sometimes crackling.

Why is my kneecap misaligned? There are some predisposing factors such as lack of flexibility and / or weakness of certain thigh muscles, a problem with the foot / ankle complex or the hip …

What to do? It is important to consult at the first signs of pain to avoid worsening of the condition such as premature wear of the cartilage under the kneecap. In physiotherapy, we use various methods to reduce inflammation, manual therapy techniques, tapings, postural correction, as well as a muscle strengthening and stretching program to do at home.

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Simon Dalle-Vedove, Physiotherapist

The Boisbriand Physiotherapy team

September 10, 2015