Oh No … It Turns (Vestibular Disorders / Dizziness)

The walls turn around you for no reason, nausea accompanies your movements or prevents you from looking at the computer screen, your vision becomes blurred when you turn your head. Even worse, you avoid going out because the crowds make you dizzy and you are afraid of falling in the aisles of the cinema … You probably have a problem with your vestibular system. This inner ear system partly controls your balance. Various conditions can be responsible for these symptoms: sequelae of neuronitis or viral labyrinthitis, positional vertigo sometimes secondary to an impact on the head, neck injuries, concussions, Ménière’s disease, etc.

Some physiotherapists have acquired specialized training to assess and treat vertigo and dizziness. At the Physiotherapy Boisbriand clinic, we can help you. The physiotherapist will investigate the history of your problem, then assess the main problems that interfere with your daily life to establish a treatment plan appropriate to your condition.

A personalized treatment plan will be established according to the results obtained in the various tests. “Repositioning” techniques and so-called “habituation” movements will be suggested to reduce dizziness. Coordination exercises (between the eyes and the head) will help you gain a clearer vision and balance exercises will reassure your step.

No longer be cloistered at home and eliminate your nausea! Go out and come see our specialized physiotherapists to regain a well-deserved quality of life.

The Boisbriand Physiotherapy Team