Persisting Lumbar Pain and Physical Activity

In Quebec, back pain is one of the most common reasons for consulting with health care professionals, including physiotherapy. In some cases, this pain extends beyond 3 months and becomes persistent limiting all spheres of daily life.

What about physical activity in a context of persistent pain?

The right dose and choice of physical activity can bring certain benefits to  everyone. Of these, muscle strength and flexibility can be improved  with certain activities.  It also tends to improve sleep and the feeling of well-being. This, thus, reduces the pain through the release of certain hormones (endorphins) by our own body. These are the main desired benefits when we are dealing with persistent pain. A strengthening and stretching exercise program, developed by a health professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist) could help improve physical activity levels, without increasing pain levels. The most  important thing is to properly follow the exercise program with the help of your health professional, who can also modify the program as the condition changes when needed.

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