Plagiocephaly in Babies

Have you noticed if your child’s head has a flattened shape?

Plagiocephaly is known as cranial deformity of the skull in children. It may be induced by torticollis, a simple preference for a side, or a strength imbalance. Although there has been an increase in the number of babies that nap on their back, it has not been proven that it is related to plagiocephaly. In fact, since the young baby spends a lot of time on his/her back in the first months of life, this has a big impact on the shape of the head. Thus, if he/she keeps his head turned too often on the same side, we can see a flattening appears at the back of the skull.

When noticing the first signs, often around 8 weeks, do not hesitate to consult, because rapid management will limit the progression and allows to change daily habits as soon as possible. Your physiotherapist can then advise you on how to take and position your child in everyday life. In addition, a program of stimulation exercises will be taught to avoid a delay in motor development due to the preference for one side.

In a case where the deformation of the skull is too pronounced, a reference in physiatry at the age of 6 months may be advised. The medical specialist will be able to assess whether wearing an orthopedic helmet would be beneficial for reshaping the skull. In these cases, traditional approaches such as physiotherapy and osteopathy could not establish a completely round shape of the skull. If you have any questions about plagiocephaly, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Boisbriand Physiotherapy Team