Acupuncture (en)

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method that aims to treat the condition by stimulating certain areas of the body with needles, heat or electricity.

Acupuncture is a holistic approach and takes into account the overall health of the person. Emotional and psychological aspects are as important as well as the physical symptoms.

The acupuncturist must evaluates the patient’s lifestyle such as diet, physical activities, work and stress. The energy of each organ circulates throughout the body along paths called meridians. It is on the meridians that we find the acupuncture points.


The acupuncture requires a thorough investigation by questions and techniques specific to acupuncture: palpation, examination of the tongue, the Chinese pulse. The acupuncturist takes the necessary time to properly identify the patient’s problems and to inform him of the treatment modes. This first visit allows a relationship of trust between client and acupuncturist which is essential in any therapeutic approach.

It is not necessary to wait until the disease appears to consult. The periods of stress, changes of life or season are appropriate times to receive preventive treatment. These will allow eliminating the various imbalance signals that the organs send us.

The treatments

The applications of the needles is usually painless. The needles of the acupuncturist are finer than the needles used for injections. The number of required sessions varies according to the nature of the problem. Thus, a chronic disease is generally longer to treat than an acute problem. As soon as symptoms appear, it is important to consult the earliest possible in order to reduce the number of required sessions.

The danger of infections

At present, any acupuncturist must use disposable sterile needles. The treatment involves no risk of transmission of infection.

The treatments are not refunded by the Quebec Health Insurance Card. However, many insurance companies refund part of the costs. In addition, the CSST covers the costs for injured workers and the SAAQ covers fees for road accident victims.

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