Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy is a discipline that aims to help individuals regain their autonomy and independence when difficulties are hampering their activities in daily life whether it is at work, home and leisure.

It can be physical or psychological difficulties, temporary or permanent.

Boisbriand Physiotherapy Clinic offers the following services in occupational therapy:

  • Hand Therapy (+)
    At Boisbriand Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer you the services of an occupational therapist Peter Korkmaz, CERTIFIED in hand therapy, by HTCC SINCE 2001. There are only six occupational therapists in Quebec that have this certification. Peter Korkmaz is the only one in the region of Laval and the laurentides. For ten years he has refined his practice in the United States and has created an impressive background of knowledge and experience. The occupational therapist will do the history of your problem and then will assess the main difficulties that hinder your daily routine. A personalized treatment plan will be established according to the results obtained with different tests. Stretching, strengthening exercises and splint can be used to minimize the pain and allow you to quickly return to an active life. An education program targeting a better management of daily activities can help healing and minimize the risks of relapse. Means of intervention:

    • Fabrication of splints for the fingers and the upper limb
    • Strengthening programs by graduated therapeutic activities
    • Specific Therapies

    Treated Conditions:

    • Crush injuries
    • Fracture
    • Total or partial finger amputation
    • Superficial or deep laceration.
    • Sprain of fingers, thumb or wrist
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Mallet finger, trigger finger
    • Tennis elbow, golfers elbow
    • Tenosynovitis of hand
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Tendonitis of the shoulder, elbow or wrist
    • Do not let pain and weakness ruin your life. Regain the precious motor functions of your hand.
  • Endurance tranning. (+)
    Our clinic offers one-hour treatments targeting endurance training using work simulation to prepare the individual to a gradual return to work. The treatments takes place under the supervision of an occupational therapist. In some cases, the workplace does not offer a gradual and progressive reintegration of the worker. In these situations, it is possible to develop the individual’s working capacities through a work hardenning program (2-6 hours / day) (individualized program depending on the specific needs of the person.) Means of intervention:

    • Strengthenning by gradual and progressive activities
    • Teaching of proper body mechanics for lifting
    • General endurance training

    Treated Conditions:

    • Cervical, thoracic or lumbar sprain
    • Herniated Disc
    • Tendonitis of the shoulder
    • Torn shoulder muscles (rupture of the rotator cuff)
    • Sprain Knee / Ankle
    • Fracture of the knee / ankle / hip
    • Strain knee ligament/Meniscis tear
  • Workplace Adaptation & Evaluation (+)
    A work done for long periods in a poorly equipped environment can increase the risk of injury (eg, handling of heavy loads, repetitive movements, restricting positions). This may lead to decreased productivity and quality performance. Work site evaluation used for health and safety ends is a field of intervention in occupational therapy. In the long term, it allows a reduction of the costs related to absenteeism, disability benefits and rehabilitation of the worker.
  • Evaluation and adaptation of home (+)
    Boisbriand Physiotherapy Clinic occupational therapists are available for in-home evaluations. It is about evaluating the patient’s functional abilities and environment. The home visit is to evaluate the patient’s daily activities, including personal care, household chores and the ability to move. Based on this evaluation the occupational therapist makes recommendations in terms of safety, changes to the home fitting out, walking aid and adaptive equipement. 01. 01. Examples of home modifications :

    • Door expansion for a wheelchair.
    • Ramp or lift for easy access at home.
    • Adapted toilet / shower.
    • Placement of grab bars in the bathroom.

    02. Examples of specific technical assistance:

    • Bed Side Commode.
    • Transfer chair in the shower.
    • Walker / wheelchair.

    The task of the occupational therapist is to promote health and safety by providing a barrier free environement . This is to prevent falls and improve the patient’s ability to complete his/hers daily activities.