Sports Physiotherapy at Physiothérapie Boisbriand is a Profession in Itself

The team of professionals at the Physiothérapie Boisbriand Clinic has been welcoming casual, recreational and competitive athletes since 1989. The clinic constantly encourages its therapists to be on the lookout for innovations and most effective treatments.

Physiotherapy is known to treat a wide variety of sports-related injuries and to guide safe return to activities. We have physiotherapists who are responsible for sports teams such as: volleyball, softball and football. Some are specifically trained to support golfers and runners in their return to sport without pain. All physiotherapists use manual therapy and exercise programs to treat injuries like: sprains, strains, joint dysfunctions, sports-related pains, and concussions. Furthermore, physiotherapy can be useful in optimizing sports performance and prevent overuse injuries, among other things, by improving body biomechanics and muscle balance. Therefore, it is advisable to be evaluated in physiotherapy without necessarily having an injury.

In addition, with the support of medical specialists, we provide post-operative rehabilitation until full return to sports.

The different professionals at the Physiothérapie Boisbriand Clinic can take care of various sports-related injuries. For example, the occupational therapist has the skills for wrist and hand rehabilitation in the case of a fractured hand or wrist; massage therapists relieve tension related to muscle injuries; Osteopaths work on all the skeletal dysfunctions that can be caused by a fall. In addition, within our team, the knowledge of a kinesiologist, a nutritionist, and a psychologist can also contribute greatly to the performance of an athlete.

If you would like to move and pain prevents you from taking full advantage of participating in a sports event, there is a professional at Physiothérapie Boisbriand who will happily assist you in achieving your goals.